Breast-lift (or mastopexy) is a frequently performed plastic surgery procedure to restore signs of aging, breast-feeding and gravity of the breasts, lifting the breasts and giving them more fullness and firmness. Breast lift in Dubai is sometimes performed in conjunction with breast augmentation when too little breast and fatty tissue is available to create sufficient breast volume. Mastopexy in Dubai will enhance both your body feeling and your self-esteem to a great extent.

Dr. Michael Kremer is a renowned German plastic surgeon from Munich, who has since 2002 been successfully treating patients from over 40 countries with breast lift of all kinds like crescent shape lift, circular (periareolar) lift, vertical lift, inverted T-lift, asymmetry correction as well as combinations with silicone implants or fat injections. Dr. Kremer is an expert in plastic surgery in Dubai and has made himself famous for working atraumatically, artistically and effectively to grant patients minimal bruising, safe and quick recovery as well as consistently excellent and natural results.

Minimal-invasive, crescent shaped skin excisions at the upper areolar pole or a circumareolar lift can in most cases be performed under local anesthesia at Monroe Medical Center. However, this only will solve slight asymmetry of the position of the nipple areolar complex or may reduce the diameter of the areolar area. Patients with such minor issues can be helped by good plastic surgery through this minimally-invasive treatment.

Breast Lift surgery in Dubai – Dr. Kremer, specialist with many years of experience.

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Regular breast lift surgery in Dubai is exclusively performed under general anesthesia at Emirates Hospital.  Women that have deficient breast volume together with significant breast sagging will benefit most from mastopexy with silicone implant augmentation simultaneously. As a rule of thumb it can be stated that if breast volume and size are sufficient, a breast lift alone will yield a good result. If the position of the nipples is not drooping and both volume and size are deficient, breast augmentation alone is indicated. However, when breast size, volume and nipple position all are deficient, augmentation mastopexy is indicated in order to improve the shape, volume and position of the breasts.

If you want to get more information on how a breast lift in Dubai can help you to look better, please arrange for a personal consultation with Dr. Kremer at Monroe Medical Center.


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