Breast reduction (or mammoplasty | reduction mammaplasty) is a frequently performed plastic surgery procedure to reduce the size and improve the shape of enlarged and heavy breasts. Breast reduction surgery in Dubai by Dr. Kremer improves the appearance of heavy and drooping breasts, it alleviates physical discomfort, restricted arm movement and physical activity caused by the weight of large breasts. Breast reduction mammoplasty will enhance both your body feeling and your self-esteem to a great extent.

Dr. Michael Kremer is an internationally famous German plastic surgeon from Munich who has since 2002 been successfully treating breast patients from over 40 countries with breast reduction surgery of all kinds like circular mammoplasty (Benelli technique), vertical mammoplasty, classical inverted T-mammoplasty as well as liposuction of the breasts. Dr. Kremer is a top expert in breast reduction surgery and has made himself famous for using a bloodless atraumatic technique saving as many glandular ducts as possible in order to grant later breast-feeding. This surgical technique results in a quick recovery with little discomfort, consistently excellent and natural results as well as a high safety in keeping the nipple areola complex viable.

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Breast reduction surgery in Dubai is generally performed under general anesthesia at Emirates Hospital. Apart from size reduction, surgery is aimed at curing neck and back pain, shoulder strain, poor posture as well as skin irritations under the breasts due to moisture and constant friction of skin on skin in the region of the submammary fold. Before surgery, Dr. Kremer will mark the planned cutting pattern on your skin that outlines the edges of the to be removed breast and fatty tissue. Dr. Kremer sets great importance in saving both nipple areola complex blood perfusion as well as viability of as many breast gland ducts as possible. The extent of skin excisions which is equal to the length of scars simply is depending on how large your breasts are before and how small you want them after surgery. Skin closure is performed with fine stitches, as self-absorbing skin stitches leave bad and wide ugly scars around the areola, Dr. Kremer is a strong proponent of using to me later removed, non-absorbing nylon stitches in this particular area. Suction drains are always introduced and in most patients can be removed the next morning before leaving the hospital. Patient must definitely wear a supportive bra 24/7 for a minimum of 6 weeks in order to grant an aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting result. Underwire bras can be worn after this period.

If you want to get more information on how a breast reduction can help you to look better, please arrange for a personal consultation with Dr. Kremer at Monroe Medical Center.


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