Facelift (or rhytidectomy) is a popular plastic surgery procedure to fight signs of aging and gravity by tightening loose areas of skin and muscle of the face and neck, redefining the neck and jawline and/or smoothing out wrinkles in the forehead and lifting sunken down eyebrows. Facelift in Dubai, sometimes in conjunction with eyelid surgery, ear lobe reduction or rhinoplasty will be able to rejuvenate your face and enhance both your looks and your self-esteem.

Dr. Michael Kremer is a renowned German plastic surgeon from Munich who, as a US-trained craniofacial surgeon, has since 2002 been successfully treating patients from over 40 countries with facelift procedures of all kinds like minimal-invasive thread lifts, mini-lifts, deep-plane facelifts (SMAS) as well as forehead lifts (open and endoscopic) and extended neck-lifts with excellent, naturally-looking result that are lasting for decades. Dr. Kremer is an expert in facelift surgery in Dubai and has made himself famous for working atraumatically, artistically and effectively to grant patients minimal bruising, safe and quick recovery as well as consistently excellent and natural results.

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Regular facelift surgery is exclusively performed under general anesthesia at Emirates Hospital. Incision will be made along the anterior hairline and within natural creases of the facial skin around the ears and earlobes in order to later result in inconspicuous scars. Additional incisions may be performed underneath the chin or along the anterior hairline into the forehead region. Using such later hidden incisions, fat and underlying tissues are either being removed, redistributed or sculpted in order to create the desired shape and contours of face and neck. In deep-plane (SMAS) lifts, the facial muscles plane is lifted and tightened with permanent sutures moving stretch forces away from the skin down to deep layers, resulting in thin and unnoticeable scars. Excess skin is finally trimmed away and the remaining skin is pulled and tightened across the new contour of your face. In most cases, drainage tubes will be inserted to remove excess blood and serous fluid collections during the first hours postoperatively. An elastic compression head dressing completes surgery after which you will awake from anesthesia with Dr. Kremer being at your side.

If you want to get more information on how a facelift in Dubai can help you to look better, please arrange for a personal consultation with Dr. Kremer at Monroe Medical Center.



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