Are you interested in a nose correction and searching for a specialist for rhinoplasty in Dubai (UAE)? Do you have an asymmetrical nose or breathing problems? In this case, Dr. Michael Kremer is your best choice, being one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Dubai and an expert in the field of rhinoplasty.

There are a variety of options in regard of rhinoplasty and it is possible to correct the nasal septum as well as straighten the nose during one surgery.

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Different factors must be considered in regard of the costs for rhinoplasyt in Dubai. Based on the deformity of your nose, your individual desire and the extent of surgery, a cost quotation displaying the price of hospital, anesthesia as well as surgeon’s fees will be issued. Especially in case of secondary nasal corrections (reoperative surgery) the procedure can on occasions last up to three hours. Therefore, costs can be much higher than in case of a small correction of e.g a nasal tip.

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Nose jobs afford a lot of experience on the surgeon’s part. There are a lot of aesthetic considerations to me made by the plastic surgeon, depending on age, sex and ethnic background of the patient. Further important factors are:

  • physical condition
  • pre-existing illnesses
  • condition of the skin, especially in the region around the nasal tip
  • structure of the nasal bones and stability of nasal tip
  • proportions and profile of the skull, especially the chin

It is important to examine whether there are structural changes within the nose. Often these changes lead to nasal breathing problems.

If this is the case, a combination of aesthetic and functional surgery has to be performed. Functional nasal correction can comprise several methods:

  • straightening of a deviated nasal septum
  • reduction of the nasal turbinates


Before rhinplasty can be performed, a personal consultation with Dr. Kremer is mandatory, during which all important aspects will be addressed. Dr. Kremer will show you before-and-after-images of his formerly operated patients. It is very important that pictures of real patients are shown to you instead of possible but unrealistic virtual computer simulations. Only by this you can assess a plastic surgeon‘s experience and technical as well as artistic skills.

If you also suffer from functional problems, a thourough examination of the inside of your nose will be performed. A crooked nasal septum or enlarged, so called „nasal turbinates“ can be corrected simultaneously with an aesthetic nose job.

After your personal consultation, you will receive a letter in which the detailed treatment process along with the overall surgery costs are lined out. Should there be any more questions regarding the nose correction, just contact us at our office in Dubai.

An additional second consultation is necessary before the procedure in order to finally determine the individual procedure for your nose. At that time, Dr. Kremer will perform a computer simulation of your nose in order to exactly display the changes that he recommends that need to be made.


In 99 percent of the cases, Dr. Kremer as an expert can perform a so called „closed rhinoplasty“ procedure leaving no external scars on the nasel bridge („columella“). Only in cases where a nose has been operated several times before and is hard due to massive scar tissue, an open approach may become necessary.

Rhinoplasty frequently is an outpatient treatment and an in-patient hospital stay is not needed. If desired by the patient or in cases of major combined functional and cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery, an in-patient stay is recommended. General anaesthesia is deliverd in all of our rhinoplasty cases. During surgery, excess fatty tissue, cartilage and bone will be removed and/or reshaped. Often the nasal bones need to be fractured and narrowed and the nose tip needs to be made thinner and more defined.

In cases of ethnic corrections and asymmetric nares, the nasal wings („alar bases“) need to be narrowed by external skin incision along the alar grooves, however, these small scars will later almost be invisible. Some patients ask for a simultaneous correction of the upper eyelids, a lip augmentation or an ear correction which in most cases can be performed during the same anesthesia.

It is important for Dr. Kremer to make sure that every correction is customized to the individual wishes of the patient. Many other surgeons tend to create the same nose for all of their patients, which disrespects the individuality of each person’s nose and is opposed by Dr. Kremer. He as a specialist in facial plastic surgery (US fellowship trained cranofacial surgeon) can achieve up to 95% of the desired changes, the remaining 5% are due to individual healing, inner scar formation and tendency to prolonged swelling which don’t fall into the surgeon‘s responsibility.


Abdominoplasty surgery in Dubai is a significant type of surgery. Because of the skin removal, it is crucial that the area of closure is being kept under minimal tension for the first several days after the operation. This is why all abdominoplasty patients are instructed to walk bent over whenever they are upright for the first 1 or 2 weeks.

All of Dr. Kremer’s full abdominoplasty patients are required to stay overnight at Emirates Hospital in Jumeirah under the supervision of a nurse, both for patient safety as well as comfort. The nurse ensures that the patient is resting in the proper position with her back elevated 30-40 degrees and legs bent with pillows under the knees. The nurse regularly monitors blood pressure as well as discomfort and can medicate accordingly as needed. The nurse also monitors drainage into always applied suction tubes and instructs the patient on drain care for the days following their abdominoplasty in Dubai.

In most patients the drains can be pulled the next morning while Dr. Kremer is doing his early rounds on patients at Emirates Hospital. The patient then is ready to leave the hospital unless she feels more comfortable to stay for another day.

The minimum downtime after abdominoplasty surgery is about 10 days. However, it must be emphasized that even at 10 days after an abdominoplasty activity must be kept at a minimum in order to ensure proper healing and to avoid unwanted complications.


A complete tummy tuck surgery normally takes approximately 2.5-3 hours to perform. A mini tummy tuck, on average, takes between 1.5 and 2 hours to perform.


General anesthesia with oral intubation is typically administered for abdominoplasty surgery.


When one smokes cigarettes or Shisha, there is a very significant disturbance of the blood flow within the skin. This abnormal blood flow can lead to major complications in surgeries where the skin is significantly manipulated, such as an abdominoplasty, breast lift or facelift. These complications can include sloughing (necrosis) of skin, which essentially means that the skin does not survive, and the patient subsequently would experience an open wound and poor scarring to follow.

It is for this reason that Dr. Kremer will not perform an abdominoplasty on people who are actively smoking. We require that our abdominoplasty patients stop all smoking for a minimum of six weeks in order to help reduce the risk of major complications.


Selecting the best plastic surgeon is crucial for gaining a great result. Dr. Kremer is passionate about providing each patient with excellent results that will improve their quality of life for the years to come.

Dr. Kremer has pioneered a technique called “lipo-abdomino-sculpture” which combines liposuction of the upper abdominal fat as well as fat around the waist in order not only to tighten abdominal skin and muscles but also to remove superfluous skin that, if left in place, will give a mediocre result. Many plastic surgeons stay with an old fashioned and untrue mindset that abdominoplasty and liposuction should not be combined as this will lead to an increased risk of complications. However, this is untrue and absolutely the opposite is the case. By commencing surgery with liposuction of waist, flanks and abdominal fat, the abdominal skin flap is being thinned out for a more aesthetically pleasant result of the later to be tightened tummy skin PLUS the skin flap is in a gentle way mobilized minimally-invasively and bluntly in order to easier tighten the skin down without the need of cutting important nerves and blood vessels that are supplying the skin. This advanced technique, coming from Uruguay, South America, leads to less pain, almost no fluid collections (“seroma”), early getting out of the bed as soon as anesthesia sequelae have vanished, no needs for transurethral urinary catheterization, less risk of thrombosis and embolism, early drain removal next day, preserved skin sensation of the lower abdominal skin and significantly reduced risk of scar break up, skin slough and widening of the scar.

Dubai’s top plastic surgeon Dr. Michael A. Kremer is a master of this advanced and safe technique and has had success with this method for over 10 years. For this reason you should refrain from undergoing old fashioned and riskier tummy-tuck methods offered elsewhere in Dubai and come for a superb consultation with Dr. Kremer at Monroe Medical Center close to Dubai Mall metro station.


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