As one of the top rhinoplasty surgeons in Dubai, Dr. Michael Kremer is a master of fine details and balance in rhinoplasty. Being one of the most frequently performed cosmetic surgery procedures on the market a nose-job can solve both aesthetic and functional nasal problems and can be helpful for patients of all ages and ethnicities. Some patients are requesting rhinoplasty surgery to reconstruct damage from disease or injury while others may just wish to improve their facial appearance after being unhappy and depressive for years.

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Rhinoplasty is considered to be the most challenging and rewarding procedure in plastic surgery performed today. Being one of the most popular procedures performed in the Middle East, yet there are very few masters of rhinoplasty offering their services in Dubai.

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important facts about rhinoplasty

Providing rhinoplasty surgery in Dubai, Dr. Kremer has vast experience with enhancing the shape of the nose in order to fit the rest of your face, while keeping up the unique characteristics of your individual ethnicity. He pays attention to every little detail in order to achieve a natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing result. His clinical experience and top results have earned him respect and satisfaction from his patients that consider him to be one of the best “nose job” Dubai plastic surgeons available.

If you want to know more about on how Dr. Kremer can improve the looks and/or function of your nose, please schedule a consultation at his Dubai office.


Good candidates for our rhinoplasty Dubai surgery first of all have a realistic expectation of their result. Although Dr. Kremer since 2002 is seeing a range of ages, he requires girls to be at least 16 years old and boys to be 18 years. It is important for the youngsters to wait until growth is completed before undergoing surgery of the nose, because results can change over time if surgery is performed too early in life. Exceptions of this general rule are children with cleft nose and lip deformities that Dr. Kremer operates repeatedly during their growth.

If you wish to reach one or more of the following goals, you may be a good candidate for nose surgery:

  • Changing the size, length or width of the nose
  • Correcting functional damage such as a deviated septum (midline)
  • Improving your breathing
  • Straightening a nasal hump
  • Creating a symmetrical appearance
  • Enhancing the appearance and symmetry of the nostrils

During your personal consultation, Dr. Kremer will demonstrate to you how a nose job can help achieving your personal goals and he will discuss with you in detail all aspects of the procedure.

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Before undergoing rhinoplasty surgery, you need to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Michael Kremer. During this meeting, you will discuss a wide range of aspects related to your procedure, including your health status, prior surgeries, medications and other issues that are important to be recognized. Following this, Dr. Kremer will review your specific goals for surgery and assess the cosmetic and functional problems that you would like to address. All of this important information will allow Dr. Kremer to determine if he deems it possible to achieve your desired rhinoplasty result.

Once consultation is completed, Dr. Kremer will put together a personal treatment plan based on your needs. He will make recommendations regarding the scope of the necessary surgical steps, the results you can expect and the aftercare in the weeks and months following your nose job in Dubai.






In 99% of all cases, Dr. Kremer is capable of performing a closed rhinoplasty approach leaving no visible external scars. Incisions are being placed strictly within the nasal vault.

Specific rhinoplasty patients require the use of autologous cartilage transplants, artificial (plastic) nasal implants (Medpor™) in order to build up the nasal tip or dorsum. Other patients, especially of African and Asian descent, require external skin incisions along the alar wings in order to narrow the nose and nostrils. Reoperative  (secondary) rhinoplasty or cleft rhinoplasty in Dubai is even more complex as it requires the combination of several techniques and materials. These are just a few of many aspects on how rhinoplasty may be performed in you!

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For several days following your Dubai rhinoplasty surgery, you should expect some bruising and swelling, especially if the nasal bones needed to be narrowed which in 95% of patients is necessary. Mild discomfort is normal and can be alleviated with oral medication of moderate pain killers. For the first days post-surgery you need to keep your head elevated and you will benefit from applying cool packs to your neck and your forehead. Dr. Kremer’s patients can typically return to work 2 weeks after their surgery once the nasal aluminum splint is removed, but all strenuous activity should be avoided for at least three weeks. Each patient will be handed out more details on how they can promote safe and swift healing throughout the recovery process. As a recipient of one of the best nose jobs offered in Dubai, our patients will correspond with Dr. Kremer and staff throughout the recovery process.


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